Best known for her voice-acting work in "Naruto" as Hinata, "Bleach" as Orihime, and "Eureka 7" as Eureka, Stephanie is a voice actor, voice director, ADR writer, and producer. Her credits include Mamimi in "FLCL" which she also produced, Mikuru in "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya," Akira in "Lucky Star," Guu in "Hare and Guu," Kirie in "Girls Bravo," to name a few. Some recent credits include Michon in "Eden of the East," Kaguya in "Sengoku Basara," Sylphiel in "Slayers," and Audrey in "Gundam Unicorn," Sunrise's billingual simultaneous release, on which she also works as production coordinator. Stephanie's most recent role is Yui in Bandai-distributed K-ON!. It is a dream come true, since when Stephanie was in college she spent countless hours learning opening and ending theme songs to her favorite anime shows, writing out the romanji phonetically and hitting the karaoke clubs.

Stephanie can also be heard in numerous videogames including "Bioshock 2," "Devil May Cry 4" "Tales of the Abyss," "We Cheer," and the upcoming "The Secret World." She is the current voice of Rebecca Chambers in the "Resident Evil" franchise, as well as one of the game's voice directors. Stephanie also mocapped the role of Cereza in Sega's "Bayonetta." In addition to her roles in anime and videogames, Stephanie can also be heard as Sassy in Mattel's Barbie webseries "Fashionistas," Sue in Capri Sun's online webseries "Disrespectoids," Sarah Lynn in Fisher Price's "Little People: Wheelies," and as Hearty in the soon to be released web show "The Qpiz." Stephanie also voiced Mai Li in an upcoming episode of Warner Bros' new "Scooby Doo." She also recently had the joy of dancing in a Flashmob on ABC's hit show "Modern Family." To keep up with the latest news from Stephanie follow her on twitter and like her Facebook fanpage.