Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum (born April 28, 1965) is an American voice actor known primarily for his work in anime dubs and video games. Among his credits include the voice of Spike Spiegel of the anime series Cowboy Bebop and Mugen of the anime series Samurai Champloo. He has also played X-Men's Wolverine in numerous games, in the animated series Wolverine and the X-Men, the animated movie Hulk Vs and The Super Hero Squad Show. He is also well known for providing the voice of Jack Cayman, the main character of Madworld. His most recent famous work was that of Tank Dempsey, the comic relief of Call of Duty: World at War Nazi Zombies. He is known for his hilarious commentary on the maps of Der Riese and Shi No Numa.


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Write the second section of your article here. Blum also voiced TOMs 2-4, the robotic hosts of Toonami shown on Cartoon Network right up to the block's cancellation. He was also the voice of 7-Eleven's "Oh thank heaven" television and radio advertisements.


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