Homer and Bart are chased through the streets of Springfield by an angry mob lead by Barney Gumble, Mr. Burns, and Krusty the Clown while carrying the head of the statue of their town founder, Jebediah Springfield. Surrounded by the surly crowd, Bart pleads for understanding and relates the events of the previous day. The tale begins when Bart sneaks a radio into church which is quickly caught by Marge. Homer, who is still in the car, decides to sneak the radio himself and manages to embarrass Marge when he loudly celebrates his team winning in a football game right in the middle of the sermon. Afterward, Bart borrows $5 from Homer and sneaks away to see Space Mutants IV at the local movie theater. On his way to the movie he runs into a gang of troublemakers. One of them, Jimbo, invites Bart to sneak into the movies with him and his buddies.

Later, as the boys throw rocks at Jebediah's statue and watch clouds, Jimbo wishes someone would cut off the statue's head. When Bart tries to defend the town's hero, Jimbo and the boys laugh at him and say "I thought you were cool." Later during the night Bart sneaks out of the house and sees the statue's head off.

The next day, all of Springfield grieves the horrible deed done on the town founder. Bart finds Jimbo and his pals and discovers they are as distraught as everyone else. Jimbo tells Bart that the decapitating was just cloud talk and they hope to meet the one who did this, so they can break every bone in his body. Feeling scared, Bart decides not to tell. Feeling remorse, Bart returns home and confesses to his family. As Homer, who also feels more than a little responsible for this incident, takes Bart to place the head back on the statue, they are confronted by the angry mob. Bart tells the crowd that his act has united the town and taught people to appreciate their heritage. The townspeople agree, the head is placed back onto the statue, and Bart is forgiven